Friday Foto Finder: Flock

A flock of sheep

Some colourful sheep for sale

This week’s subject is “Flock”. Now, sometimes there is a flock of sheep on the lawn opposite our house, but not right now. However, I pass a garden center  which has changing decorations. The pigs and sheep above are a fairly recent addition to their garden.


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Friday Foto Finder: (No) Snow Globe

This week’s Friday Foto Finder’s topic is Snow Globe. Well, I don’t have a photo, or a snow globe I could take a photo of, so here’s something else instead:

The Adventure of the Snowing Globe


It’s a lovely story, which is part of  one of Librivox’s many Short Story Collections.

Now, it’s not yet the season for snow globes, which are usually associated with Christmas time, or at least with Winter, but then again you can often buy them as trinkets/gifts in souvenir shops.


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Friday Foto Finder: Food


Olives in front of a shop in a small fisher village in Turkey

Well, food is this week’s topic, and food you get. Olives are a staple food in countries like Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. I can’t really imagine such large containers being on sale here in Germany — not in your average shop, anyway. You’ll probably get them in a Turkish food shop, though.

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