Friday Foto Finder: Arch



Some of the many arches in ancient Greece, these being located in Ephesus.



There are no arches where I live (at least I couldn’t find any), but ancient Greece (now Turkey) is full of them. So many arches to choose from, it is incredible; the one below we found while on a cycling holiday in Majorca.



Arched doorway in a deserted and ruinous house in Majorca.

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Friday Foto Finder: Lake


Froday Foto Finder: Lake

Holidays in Denmark


Might be a pond in the vicinity, I can't remember

This week’s Friday Foto Finder is Lake.


I had to search for a photo, I haven’t been at a lake for years. There aren’t any lakes in the neighbourhood, and I don’t like to bathe in a lake anyway. :)


The above are from a holiday we spent in Denmark, nearly 20 years ago. That lake may not have been a natural lake, I can’t remember. It was for fishing, not for bathing (that was what the North Sea was for).


The one below I can’t recall at all. It could be the pond close to where I live, but it could be some lake, too. It probably contained fish, the boys seem quite fascinated.