Friday Foto Finder: Game

fff game

Card game

This time the topic is ‘Game’. The above is a card game which requires logic* and luck to win. As with most games, the more people play, the merrier it is.

* Well, and a good memory, cause all your logic doesn’t help if the other players do random things just to screw you. :D

Initially, I wanted to post the below photo only, but I see Archie’s already done one. ;)


fff game

My sons playing chess


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Friday Foto Finder: Herbs



This time it is herbs. I know I should have the first photo in a higher resolution somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

It’s the ingredients you need to make Frankfurter Grüne Soße, which is traditionally eaten on Maundy Thursday.

You need seven different herbs, and a few other ingredients. The ´herbs used to be collected from the wayside if they weren’t cultivated in the garden.

Frankfurter Gruene Sauce


The second photo shows the herbs once they are processed, or the finished Frankfurter grüne Soße.


It may look a bit unusual, but it is delicious.


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Friday Foto Finder: Comfort

fff comfort

It’s called a comfy chair…

This week we’re going all comfortable. The above seat may not look very comfortable to us, but if you compare it to the seats you can spot in the background it must have been the pinnacle of comfort in ancient times. Just look, this must be one of the very first armchairs in history. If you are interested, you can read more about it here.


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Early Spring?

When I opened google this morning, there was the following doodle:

spring doodle by google

The early bird and all that, I suppose

You can’t see it on the screenshot, but when I hovered the mouse over it, it told me it was Frühlingsanfang–the beginning of spring. I was confused. I checked the date: 20th March all right. Continue reading