Friday Foto Finder: Fruit Tree

fff_fruit apple tree

Today, I present two somewhat blurry photos of fruit trees: an orange tree, typical for countries with warmer climates, and an apple tree, typical for my country.

Here are two more fruit trees: another orange tree, and a pomegranate tree. Nobody seems to care to harvest the fruits.


orange pomegranate

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Friday Foto Finder: Gable


This week’s subject is ‘Gable’ and I have indeed a gable or two to share. The one above is from the Russian Basilica in Darmstadt and it has a beautiful gable.

Below is the house of the brothers Grimm (well, of their parents, actually) in  Steinau and has got some lovely gables, too.


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Friday Foto Finder: Dust


Well, it’s ‘Dust’ this week, and instead of presenting you a photo of some dusty corner in my flat, I chose the dust on the windshield of a parked car. Even through the reflection of the surroundings, you can see the yellowish dust. It’s not pollen, however, but Sahara sand, which found its way here last spring over a distance of thousands of kilometers.

And there was me, thinking my son should wash his car once in a while. :D

Nature does have a few surprises in store at times.


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Friday Foto Finder: Worker


This week’s topic is “Worker”. My association with a worker would usually be some carpenter or similar,

but here we have a worker with an – at least to me – unusual job: cutting palm trees in Palma de Majorca.


The things you learn when you travel…

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